David Hardy

Is anybody’s opinion really more valid than another persons opinion? Just a thought.

Just thinking

On another note,I personally don’t believe in the “friend zone”. I just think that because you’ve been nice or courteous to a girl it doesn’t mean you’ll get anything out of her for being “nice” it just means you’re a sleazy idiot.Do it right get to know her don’t be a weirdo.I’ve known some guys that believe in that friendzone shit and to a certain point they come off as whiny and disingenuous.

Anybody who looks at Ferguson and the Mike Brown shooting and takes the word of the cops or is sympathetic with the cops is a racist,plain and simple.

Here are 2 things I know about modern music 1. Country music is bad
2.Kanye West is a genius.

Dude TMZ is really just trashy.

It’s just my opinion but I don’t think 10 year olds should be talking about dating and stuff.


Nintendo Game Cube.

Nintendo Game Cube.

I wish I didn’t always have to make the plans to hangout with people.